Send Money with Hai Ha Money Transfer- One of the Most Trusted and Respected Companies

Hai Ha Money Transfer has remained at the forefront of money transfer and foreign currency exchange services for more than 30 years. We are very proud to be Australian-owned and operated, with branches and agents nationally.

Our 28 national locations, and online platform serve over 400,000 customers to send money to 18 countries over the world including Vietnam, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, Turkey, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Bangladesh, China, Sri Lanka, Thailand, United States, Korea, and Egypt. We pride ourselves on running a reliable and trusted, professional business with integrity and regulated by ASIC and AUSTRAC.

Additionally, by leveraging technology to make money transfer and currency exchange commence more convenient, affordable, and secure, Hai Ha Money Transfer service is empowering our customers to thrive and stay in touch with their loved ones for a better and connected world.

Since then, it has helped us to become one of the most trusted and respected companies in money transfer and currency exchange services.