Happy Mother's Day - Share "Your Moments with MUM" to Win Gift Cards Up To $300

Mother's Day is a special occasion to express gratitude and appreciation for incredible women who have shaped our lives with their love and sacrifices. We believe in celebrating the bond between mothers and their children, even across borders. Join us to share "Your Moments with MUM" to win gift cards up to $300 as your present for your mother.

How can You Enter To Win?

All people can share "Your Moments with MUM" from 1/5/2024 to 31/5/2024 with the following steps:

✅ Step 1: Follow Facebook fan page: Hai Ha Money Transfer & Foreign Exchange and Instagram: @haiha.moneytransfer

✅ Step 2: Publish one photo of you and your mother together as a post on your own Facebook and Instagram with the same photo. The photo post must have the following contents:

     💖 A wish to your mum for the Mother's Day

      💖 A hashtag #MyMomentsWithMumAndHaiHa

      💖 Check-in @Hai Ha Money Transfer & Foreign Exchange  

✅ Step 3: Ask for Likes / Shares / Comments from your family and friends for the photo post on both Facebook and Instagram

✅ In addition to posting the photo, you can play the side mini-game to win gift cards - $20 from Woolworths (to be updated on our social media)

** You can publish as many posts with different photos as you want to seize your chance to win. Please be advised that you should post one photo in one post on both Facebook and Instagram.\

How do We Figure out the Total Points of a Photo Post?

We will count the total interactions including likes/shares /comments of a photo post on both Facebook and Instagram with the same photo, then convert them to points as below

👍1 like/love /haha/wow: 1 point

👍1 share (only on Facebook): 2 points

👍1 qualified comment (with a tag to at least 1 friend): 3 points

What are Prizes?

Participants having the photo post with the highest total points on both Facebook & Instagram will win

🎉🎉 1st prize: A gift card - $300 (Myer)

🎉🎉 2nd prize: A gift card - $100 (Myer)

🎉🎉 3rd prize: A gift card  - $50 (Myer)

🎉 Mini-game prize: 5 participants in the mini-game will be randomly selected to win a gift card - $20 (Woolworths)

Enter to Win Gift Cards Up To $300

Don't miss out on the chance to win gift cards up to $300 as a present for your mother by sharing "Your Moments with MUM" . You can stay tuned to our Facebook fan page and Instagram for the updated information.


✅ Please note that photos on the posts with the hashtag "#MyMomentsWithMumAndHaiHa" in the social media campaign "Your Moments with MUM" will be used by the Hai Ha Money Transfer and Foreign Exchange for marketing in our social media.

✅ Hai Ha has no responsibility for any copyright infringement.

✅ Hai Ha has the right to make final decisions.