Beneficiaries in the Philippines need to provide the documents below in order to be able to receive the fund. different payout method requires different identification document.


Available currency: PHP & USD

Time frame: after 2 hours

Locations to pick up PHP:

Locations to pick up USD:

Bank of Commerce (No limit of the amount receive - the sender needs to provide supporting docs if sending over USD 10,000)

The beneficiary must present a valid national Identity card or Passport with the display name that must match the provided beneficiary's name by the sender. A valid transaction number must also be present at the pickup location in order to retrieve the transaction detail.


Available currency: PHP & USD

Time frame:

No limit of the amount received - a beneficiary will be asked to provide a source of fund, sender's ID, and purpose of transfer if receiving over PHP 500,000

The correct beneficiary's bank account detail must be provided by the sender when creating the transaction. Please be aware that incorrect bank account detail may cause a delay in transferring the fund to the beneficiary account.