Beneficiaries in India need to provide the documents below in order to be able to receive the fund, different payout method requires different identification document.


Available currency: INR

Time frame: within 1 hour

Pick up from over 10,000 locations which available from Monday to Friday / 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM

The beneficiary must present either one of the acceptable IDs below

The display name on the document must match the provided beneficiary's name by the sender. A valid transaction number must also be present at the pickup location in order to retrieve the transaction detail.


Available currency: INR

Time frame:

No limit on the receiving amount.

The correct beneficiary's bank account detail must be provided by the sender when creating the transaction; the bank account detail should include bank name, IFSC code, bank account number, and bank branch. Please be aware that incorrect bank account detail may cause a delay of the fund being credited to the beneficiary account.