You will be able to see all your receivers in My Receivers. This is where you can add a new receiver or edit existing receivers details such as updating new address, contact number and add/delete bank accounts. The details you can edit including phone number, delivery address, bank account details.

1. Adding a new receiver

Click 'ADD RECEIVER' in the top right-hand corner to start adding a new receiver.

Go through steps 1 to 4 to fill in the receiver details from, a bank account is optional so you can skip if your receiver does not have one. Click 'CONTINUE' in Step 5 to complete creating a new receiver.

To cancel, simply click 'CANCEL' to return to the receiver list.

2. Editing an existing receiver

Click the text Edit on the same row of the receiver's name.

Go through the steps to update the phone number, address or add new information such as email address, phone number or bank account details. Once done, click 'SAVE ALL CHANGES' at the bottom of the form.

Please create a new receiver if an existing receiver has changed his/her name. We do not allow updating the existing receiver's name for the time being.

If you do not want to save the changes, simply click 'CANCEL' to return to the receiver list.

3. Mark receiver as favorite

Favorite receivers will appear on the dashboard under the Favorite Receiver section so you can send money to them faster without going through the receiver list.

To mark a receiver as favorite, simply click the star next to their name. The yellow star indicates that the receiver is favorite. To unmark, simply click the star again and it will turn back to white.