Make a payment by Credit/Debit Card

Recommended payment method for the fastest processing time (with surcharge)


How to pay by Credit/Debit Card

- In Payment Method (Step 5 of Send Money), select Credit/Debit Card as the payment method. A 1.2% surcharge will be included in the Total to pay amount (see below example screenshot). Tick the checkbox to agree with our Terms & Conditions and click 'Review & Pay'.

- Enter your credit/debit card detail in the payment form

- Click 'Pay' to process payment

- You will be redirected to another webpage to process the payment via 3-D Secure, a verification code may be required to process the payment. 

How the code is sent to you depends on your card issuing bank.

If the payment is successful you will be redirected back to HHMT website with a confirmation that the transaction has been created and receive a confirmation email.

If the payment has failed*, you will return to the payment page. Please check the card details and try again or choose other payment methods.

*Your card may be blocked by your card issuing bank after multiple failed attempts. If this occurs, please contact your card issuing bank to unlock.